Martin Prosserman


Born in Montreal, the son of Ukrainian immigrants, Martin describes his childhood as being difficult, he was poor and had to work after school and on weekends to help support his family. At this vulnerable time in his life the YMHA had a significant impact in setting him on a positive path. It provided a community where he made friends and learned essential life skills. Understanding the importance of hard work and business, Prosserman founded Golden Brand Clothing and Moore’s The Suit People, Inc. He sold both in 1996 when it had 2000 employees, a 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and 96 stores. Prosserman currently runs Augusta Holdings Inc., a private investment firm with his sons Gary, Ron and Brian.

In 2006, Martin donated twelve million dollars to the build the Prosserman JCC. He describes how his donation to the JCC is a payment of a debt. The JCCs have always played a special role in Martin’s heart and his dream was for others to benefit from this supportive Jewish community.

“I thank you all for letting me pay off this debt – a debt I incurred as a child in Montreal, and something I consider myself fortunate to be able to do.” Martin Prosserman

Martin’s philanthropic spirit and commitment to the community continues to show exemplary leadership. In September 2017 he created a new fund for the SRC and PJCC, the Martin Prosserman Fund. This gift of $200,000 for 5 years, totaling $1,000,000, will be used to subsidize membership for those with limited financial means, promoting inclusion and access to the JCC. This generous donation will be life changing for hundreds of people, engaging them in programs that will promote social, mental and physical health. Martin Prosserman has created a legacy that will directly impact lives every day, for years to come. It has also set the foundation for others to support inclusion and active participation in the JCC, helping them to be part of a vibrant community where they can lead the Jewish life they want to lead.

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